Book Review:

I recently just finished reading: Relationships a Mess Worth Making by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp

Let me tell you it is a GREAT book! I highly recommend it! Especially since it's a book that's applicable to everyone because no matter what stage of life you're in, or what sin pattern you struggle with, we all have relationships that are apart of our lives.

One of my favorite parts about this book is that, it focuses on how theology and God's word should affect your relationships and it take everything back to scripture.

The book starts off with why relationships are important and why they are worth fighting for. It then goes on to talk about different things that hinder our relationships such as agendas, who/what we're worshiping, our sin etc. It doesn't leave you there though it goes on to talking about how there is hope for EVERY relationship no matter how difficult, and then gives you practical fruit that a godly relationship should bear.

Here are a few teaser quotes:

"You've felt the sting of hurt and disappointment. You know that you have disappointed others too. It is clear to you that no relationship ever delivers what you dreamt it could. Your fantasy collides with reality and reality bites!"

"The fatal flaw of human wisdom is that it promises that you can change your relationship without needing to change yourself"

"Each of us has tried to be the Holy Spirit in another person's life, trying to work spiritual changes that only God can accomplish."

"Because our talk lives in the world of the ordinary it is easy to forget it's true significance"

"Every painful thing we experience in relationships is meant to remind us of our need for God."

"God wants us to see the daily struggles of life as critical moments of redemptive opportunity, rather than hindrances."

Building relationships is at the core of how Christ calls you to live since he has redeemed you. God makes his people more like Jesus by putting them into relationship with others. And He intends to use you to minister hope and change to others by speaking and living out the gospel as you forge friendships with Christians and non-Christians.

Now go read the book yourself for more ;)

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