Living Intentionally This Summer

Summer is here and oftentimes that means relaxation, catching up on netflix, and sleep and books we want to read that were all pushed to the side during the craziness of school. Tanning, taking road trips with friends, hanging out and sometimes spending days doing nothing if that's what we feel like....and that makes summer a very dangerous time and a time where it can be very easy to waste these 3 months and simply let them slip by instead of taking advantage of and being intentional with this special time of the year.

It's so easy to become self-focused and self-absorbed, but what if we spent this summer focusing on others. What if instead of spending our time figuring out how tan we can get we spent our time investing in relationships and people who may be lonely and need a friend. Instead of watching hours of netflix we spent hours serving those in need. Instead of sleeping the days away we spend them in prayer and seeking God?

If we are not intentional with how we spend our time, then it really doesn't matter how much extra time we have it will simply be a wasted. While I may still have a busy schedule this summer it is not nearly as crazy as during the school year and so I want to take advantage of it to seize this time and not let it slip away. 

I order to not waste my summer I need to plan. Because like the old saying goes “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” I need to plan out what my personal, relational and spiritual priorities are for this summer, and then once I know what my priorities are I need to plan and spend my time accordingly otherwise I will let the time slip away & my priorities will fall to the wayside. 

Friend, I would encourage you to take the time to look over your summer, to set some priorities and goals and then make sure that your schedule and the way that you are spending your time is a reflection of those. Let's not look back with regret, because we weren't proactive in using our summer wisely. 

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