You know the power is out when...

This weekend my family was part of the 2million who lost power due to the crazy storm!

You know you have no power when....

-The basement was full of sleeping supplies (as that was the only place cool enough to be able to sleep in)
-The floor in our living room is covered in cords & plugs as everyone took turns to try and charge their phones, and get some relief with a couple of fans
-You walk out the front door and instead of hearing the sound of birds chirping and kids playing you hear the
rumbling and roaring of generators running
-Everyone goes to bed early since there's not much you can do in the dark
-You have a pile of 30 dead batteries from all the lanterns and flashlights
-everyone crowds around a laptop to watch a movie
-watching the news is exciting to everyone
-getting in the car feels amazing because it actually has AC
-it actually feels better outside because of the breeze then in your house
-you have a bowl of dry cereal for breakfast, because you can't open the fridge to get the milk
-you actually want to take a freezing cold shower, to cool down for even a few minutes
-a minute after you get out of the shower you're already starting to sweat again
-you stop turning light switches on when you go into rooms
-candles & flashlights are your best friends
-you have unexpected family time & get to chill at your brothers house (that's the good part)!

Passing the time by playing a game of monopoly
 Everyone crowded around watching a movie on the laptop
and trying to get some breeze from the fan

But as fun as this weekend's adventure was...I'm VERY grateful that we now have our power back!
Including our wonderful AC! :)))

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