God in the Everyday

Recently I've been learning to see God in the everyday moments of my life, because he's there, but too often I miss him! However, the other day God really blessed and provided for me in a small, but meaningful way. I broke my iPod touch  (dropped it on the driveway and the screen cracked). So i obviously needed a new one unless I wanted to be constantly cutting my finger on glass, but with getting ready for college I don't really have the money to buy a new i-pod....so i was looking at used ones online and I found a couple that I liked, they are still a little expensive, but I had enough extra graduation money to make it work. But then I noticed that people were selling iPods with cracked screens as well! I thought hmm....maybe i'll sell my old iPod so that I can get a new iPod. So I put mine up for sale and within 4hours it had SOLD! It was crazy! I got almost enough money from my broken iPod to buy a new one! :) AND on top of that, the same night I was able to buy a new iPod and it was even in the color that I had wanted (the new white iPod touch)! It was so neat to see how God provided for me in such a little way. To see how he cares about the little cares and desires of our hearts and how he seeks to bless us! I want to learn to continue to see God in little moments like these and be grateful and amazed and I watch him provide for and bless me! God is so good and too often I neglect to see how he is working in my life! So grateful for a God who not only cares about the big important things of my life, but also the little insignificant ones like an iPod.

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