When I feel like ignoring the pain in the world

Life in this broken world is hard 

There are so many things that are not as they should be, so many sorrows and so much pain
Sometimes the world makes me want to close my eyes and hide pretending that all the horrors will simply go away if I just pretend like they're not there.
 As much as I wish I had the magical power to simply wish all the bad things away and make everything better that's just not how life works. 
Actually it's quite the opposite. 
So yes there may not be a simple solution to a problem 
but when we ignore it and pretend like it's not there we're being selfish. 
We are thinking about ourselves and protecting our own eyes from seeing the pain 
and our hearts from feeling the sorrow of this world. 
We are telling all of those who are hurting, vulnerable and in need that our own safety and comfort are more important that theirs. 
That we would rather ignore the voiceless so that we can have a more blissful life 
one that doesn't include all the real hard parts. 
We are saying that their heartache and pain are not worth my compassion, energy and emotions. 
Is that the message that I want to send? 
Without realizing it when we ignore the social injustices in our world 
and the pain and exploitations of our neighbors we are only perpetuating the problem, 
shoving it under the rug and turning off the light. 
We are giving more power to those injustices because brokenness and sin breads in darkness. 
They need light to shine on them so they can be opened up to what is good and right.

Yes it may be hard like watching a prostitute be grabbed and taken away by a man, 
hard to process, sad to watch and difficult to understand or share 
but it's in acknowledging the problem and being bold and brave enough to allow our hearts to feel their pain and break for them  that we begin to be able to advocate for them. 
To be a voice for the voiceless 
to let these people know that they aren't invisible, 
that we see them and the horrors that they are going through 
and that we are courageous enough to take a stand against the evil 
to talk about the things that are uncomfortable, hard and broken in our world 
in order to take another step towards ending it 
to shine a little more light and bring a little more hope
 to the world, to these people and to these faces. 
That's all I can ask anyone to do. 
Yes, you may not be able to change everything in the world but you can change someone's world by showing them that there is hope and there are people who care and a God who loves them!

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