Grace is the greatest Brave

 Grace is the greatest brave.

 Everyday we face battles, and for each of us those battles look a little different. But we all live in a  world with broken people and so relationships, friendships, and family are hard. 
Sometimes its battles of people persuading us that we’re failing
Tearing down all that we’ve tried to achieve
Or its gossip and rumors
Other times it’s people breaking our trust, lying to us, hurting us
The battle of trying to be good enough, smart enough, pretty enough
The battle of trying to be accepted and loved

But no matter what it is the battle never seems to end

When we’re caught in these battles with people giving grace doesn’t come easily or feel natural at all.
It takes a lot of courage to give grace to the person who hurt you, the one who gossiped and slandered about you or the one who won’t let you live down your past.

But, as hard and difficult as it may seem, it is possible to give grace, and Jesus proved it. He showed us how to give grace even when it is hard

 He gently and lovingly reminds me that
 I was the one who was warring against him
 Living for myself and worshiping the world
 Yet, Jesus gave me grace

 I used to do things to him that people do to me. 
 Promise things to him and then break those promises
 Tell him that I loved him, and then turn my back on him
 And I took from him
 I lied to him and made fun of him

 Yet he was courageous enough to take all of that sin and give us all of his grace

 We didn’t deserve it, but he gave us a second chance.

 So yes, I am weak and unworthy and I don’t want to forgive people who have hurt me, but his grace  is enough for all of me 

 I can be brave, because Jesus Christ was brave

 "We don’t get the luxury of looking like Jesus and holding on to our hurts"

 Grace restores, rebuilds and changes mindsets

 But grace doesn’t just happen, someone has to be brave enough to give it.

 Will you?

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