Dear Grandma,

I have memories of coming into your house as a little girl with pigtails, running straight into the kitchen, because I knew that’s where you would be and then jumping into your arms for a big hug! Memories of when you would let me make a mess by taking out all of your pots and pans to play with, sometimes I would make musical instruments out of them and other times I would pretend to be cooking like you were. The times where you would let me help you make jello and we’d make it into fun shapes, and then you’d be so patient with me as I would check every 10 minutes to see if it was ready yet. Memories of sitting at the table having life chats with you and the way you always made me laugh and gave such good life advice. And my absolute favorite were the way you would take us all out on dates for our Birthdays, we’d get to have a special grandma lunch and pick out some new outfits and somehow you always knew what clothes I would like and remembered such little details about each one of us grandkids.
But time is ticking and with every day I realized how quickly it is slipping away from us, how precious each and every second is, every conversation and every hug. While I may not be able to do all of those things that I used to do with you anymore I’m learning that I don’t need that to feel loved by you. Just holding your hand fills my heart with joy and love, or being able to sit next to you. Seeing a smile on your face or the sparkle in your eye when you see us kids. These little things mean a thousand times more than I ever realized before and I treasure these little moments even more than all those big memories you’ve painted my life with growing up.

Thank you for always being there for me. For being such a fighter and being so strong. For not complaining but instead enjoying life and your family as much as you can. Dearest grandma, I love you more than words can say and while it’s hard to see you hurting and sick, and it breaks my heart to see you losing your independence. I am so grateful that I am still blessed with getting to make these simple little memories with you and treasure these little moments of eating chocolate together, and simply sitting there holding each others hands.

But I would be very grateful if time would slow down just a little bit so I can squeeze in as many of these moments and memories with you into my heart to keepsake forever!

Sweet Grandma I hope you know how much I love you, and how dearly I treasure all of the sweet memories you’ve etched into my heart and the love and care that you’ve brightened my life with! I'm storing up all of these memories with you & I can’t wait to hold your hand again in just a few weeks!  <3 

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