Senior 2012

I'm Offically finished with high school! Ahh! Soo crazzy!

It's definitely a bittersweet thing, but I know that God has some
awesome things in store for my future and I am so excited
to see what they are! I'm definitely gonna miss my school and
all of my amazing classmates though, you guys have given me so
many amazing memories thanks for helping me to get through 
high school and for all of the laughter, encouragement and fun!
You all are the best and I'm gonna miss you New Life class of 2012! 

High school is now behind me, and a new chapter of my life is 
opening up. It's time to begin writing the pages of this new story. 
Except I'm gonna hand the pen over to God this time, because I want him
to be the author of my life and the one who leads me on this unknown
adventure. Cause he knows whats best for me, and he's the one who
 is going to give me the strength and grace to accomplish the good
 works that he has planned for me!

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