Everyday Moments

Sunday afternoon we came home from church and the whole family was home (a rare occurance with our crazy schedules). We simply hung out, snacked on our favorite afternoon snack  chips & salsa, talked, joked around had fun making up plans for our futures, watched basketball and simply enjoyed eachothers company and being together. I made delicious strawberry banana smoothies for everyone and we fellowshiped and lingered around the kitchen counter. These are the little everyday moments that I don't want to take for granted and I don't want to forget. I have such an amazing family and such an awesome life! I am one blessed girl and I don't ever want to take these simple moments for granted! I love spending time with my family and as I think about the fact that I will be leaving soon to go off to college it makes these afternoons even more dear to my heart! Real, Simple, Spontaneous moments of life yes those are my favorite! Thanking God for precious moments and memories and for my amazing family!

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