Guatemala....I've been thinking about this post for a while and I just haven't been able to sit down and write it, because there is just so much in my head! So I decided to try and give you a peak into my missions trip with a summary of what we did.

We went to the mission Hope of Life in Llano Verde Guatemala. Immediately I fell in love with their ministry that they have there and all the amazing ways in which they are serving the people in need! All of the staff was amazing they welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home, the food there was DELICIOUS! We looked forward to the meals everyday because it was just so yummy and the fresh juice was amazing! :) My favorite part was all of the hammocks that they had everywhere made for a great way to relax and perfect place to spend time with God! While being down there it was so awesome to be able to speak in Spanish and interact with the people there. So glad that God helped me to recall my Spanish (I guess those 4 years of classes really did pay off).

The mission has an orphanage where they care for many children, a nutrition center, elderly home, and a school. While we were there we were able to help with building the hospital there, which was hard work, but it was so neat to be apart of such an awesome project that is going to help save so many lives!

There were so many awesome experiences we had, one day we got to go to the dump (which was literally a dump as you'll see below) and we got to do a feeding their and just share God's love with people living in complete destitute. It was definitely a rude awakening to realize how blessed I am and how much I take for granted. I was complaining about a few burns on my hand (that I got from the soup we were distributing) and then it hit me, why am I complaining about such a tiny thing, when these people have nothing and yet they are still full of joy. Made me want to stop focusing on myself and start looking outward. Somehow these people have hope in the midst of awful circumstances and it's an amazing thing.

We also got the privilege of going to a new village called Oasis, Hope of Life had never been there before so we got to be the first to go there and bring bags of food for all the families and it was amazing to see how grateful they were for the little that we were doing and to see how such a small thing like a bag of food could bring them so much hope! I was able to have a conversation with the leader of the village, it was a little choppy since it was in Spanish, but it was so neat to hear his gratitude as he explained to me details about the village and to share with him the joy that God has given me!

Okkay well those were the main things that we did :)  Stay tuned for my next Guatemala post where I will talk about my two favorite parts of the trip  the Spanish Church and Nutrition Center! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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