Unfathomable Love

God went through so much for me, because of his love! He left heaven where everything was perfect to come down to a sinful earth where he traded his crown to be born in a stable. He was abused, mocked and made fun of for me, and ultimately he was tortured, betrayed and killed. He gave up his LIFE for me!  

Why would he do that for me?
This is the question I ask myself all the time...why? the answer is simple, but life changing 
because he LOVED  ME 

So when I think about all that Christ has done for me...All that he endured on my behalf so that I could be forgiven of my sins and have a relationships with God, why would I ever doubt his love? How can I, when I look at all that he did for me, so that I could be his called daughter. 

God gave up everything for me, so how much must it hurt him when I doubt his love? When I don't believe it? I mean I know it hurts me when those close to me doubt my love and sincerity towards them, so how much more God? You see the thing is nothing I do surprises God, when he died for me, he already knew everything I would do, he knew how I would wander, how I put other things before him and all of the thousands of times that I would sin and mess up. He didn't go into the relationship blindly, no God loved me KNOWING all of my unworthiness and all of my failures! When I fail and make mistakes God doesn't look at me and say "man I wish I had never chosen her and I wish she wasn't my daughter anymore" instead he looks at me and tells me to run into his grace, that it's okay, because that's the why he died for me, because I'm a sinner. He tells me to come and live in the freedom of his forgiveness and love. It hurts him when I'm overcome with condemnation, because that means I'm not believing him, not believing that he is calling me with arms wide open to come and experience his love and forgiveness like never before, not based on anything that I do, but solely on his unchanging character.

It is when I begin to understand God's love for me, that I can then go and truly love others, but first I must see God's unfathomable, extraordinary love. 

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