My Name....

Even though almost everyone calls me Becca, my real name does begin with an "R"
My parents named all 4 of their biological children after people in the Bible and for me, they obviously decided on the name Rebekah (except they modified the spelling haha) she's the woman in the Bible who i'm named after, when I was little I would always get excited when we learned about Isaac and Rebekah in Sunday school,  because she had the same name as me! Now that I'm older when I read about her, I see a woman who loved God and there are many things about her character that I hope I will be able to emulate 

Rebekah was an extravagantly gracious woman, when Isaac's servant came to the well, what did she do? She offered to give him a drink AND water all of his camels until they were finished drinking, think about how much water that is, one camel alone can hold 20+ gallons of water, and she offered to water ALL of them, freely and graciously and she did this for a complete stranger! 

Pure Servant's heart---she was willing to serve without the promise of a reward, she was willing to give up her time and energy without promise of recognition simply to serve others. 

How often do I serve, and expect a reward or at least a thank you? Instead I want to serve others in order to show them God's love, not to get anything for myself. The awesome thing about this is that when you selflessly serve others it causes people to stop and worship God and that is exactly what the servant did he praised and thanked God for being so good and faithful

Faithful in the mundane and ordinary tasks---Rebekah didn't wake up that day thinking oh I'm going to be proposed to today and get to go on an adventure and be married, no it was just an ordinary day for her and she was faithfully serving God through it, without knowing that anything out the ordinary would happen 

I tend to get "bored" of the routine of everyday life, and long for big task or challenges or great new ways for me to serve the Lord, but really I need to just be seeking God in the present where he has placed me and seek to be faithful and follow him wherever he has placed me, whether it's so called "exciting" or not 

Didn't hesitate to enter into the unknown---when Rebekah agreed to marry Isaac she was agreeing to leave behind all that she had known, her hometown, her family and the comfort of familiarity, to go to an unknown place and marry someone she had never met before, but she trusted God and knew that he would be faithful and he would guide her. She knew that although this next step might be "unknown" to her it was "known" by God. 

And because Rebekah was willing to follow and obey God she was blessed! 

Just like Rebekah we have choices everyday as to how we are going to go about our tasks, whether we are going to be generous, loving and kind in what we do, or whether we will be selfish, impatient and rude. God notices and rewards our consistency and obedience (even in the mundane tasks of life)......Just remember Rebekah :) 

Thankful for the lessons that "Rebekah" is teaching me, even if my spelling is different! 

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