Treasuring Life

Summer is almost over, & I want to savor and soak in all the little details & live in the moment instead disconnecting for the rest of the summer and looking to the new school year. 

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19   
I want to be like Mary and treasure the moments of life, so here are some things from this past week little moments that I'm grateful for and  want to remember 

- Talking and laughing in the driveway at 7 in the morning with my brother before we both head off to work for the day 

-My big brother calling me "little sis"  always makes me smile

-Cuddling up in my bed reading a good book while listening to my brother play the guitar

-Dance parties in the car with the little siblings 

-Spending the afternoons baking 

-Cuddle time with my sweet niece Jalese

-Spontaneous roadtrips with friends 

-My little nephew gasping with excitement when he saw me and running up to give me a hug and kiss 

-Morning hugs from my mummzy 

-Sitting on the porch gazing at the stars 

-Working out, and being able to do 100 push ups

-Comfy blankets and pillow pets 

-A new set of beautiful baby twins being added to the family (can't wait to meet sweet Addison and Lucas)

-Playing the piano for the first time in a month

These are all simple everyday little moments that often I overlook, but really these are moments in life that make it so beautifully wonderful and these are the moments that I don't want to miss or take for granted, instead I want to treasure them up and enjoy the present without trying to rush into the next thing!

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