He is faithful

This morning in my devotions I came across this lovely verse: 

"God is not man, that he should lie,
    or a son of man, that he should change his mind.
Has he said, and will he not do it?
    Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?"
                 -Numbers 23:19  

What sweet encouraging words! Think about what this verse is saying...it doesn't just say that God WILL not lie, it says that God CANNOT lie! If God makes a promise he will be faithful to it, he will always keep his word. God never changes his mind or has second thoughts like humans do, when God says something he really truly means it. 

This is a hard concept to grasp when people throw out words so nonchalantly and make promises that they never in tend to keep. They say words simply to gain what they want, without regard for being honest and other people's feelings they completely disregarding the significance of their words. But God is not a human. We need to realize that he is completely different than us, so he does not have any of these faults, he is completely holy. 

God is faithful! He will do what he says, he will follow through with his promises! & you know something else? God's faithfulness can never change! God is unchanging! This verse declares God's immutability: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." 
-Hebrews 13:8

Which means God will always be faithful to you and he will always keep his promises! The truth of this keeps getting better when you take it a step farther and realize that not only is God faithful, but he has the power to keep every single word that he says because he is all-powerful! He not only has the intentions of keeping his words and doing what he says, but he has the ability to as well!

So why would you not trust God, the creator of the universe who has always been faithful and has kept every single one of this promises? God will not lie or change his mind, when he speaks he will fulfill it. When he declares, he will act.

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