[Prayer] Part I

So this year...my only resolution was to study prayer and pray more! Prayer is such an amazing gift and one that I take for granted so often, I mean we get to talk to the creator of the universe ANYTIME we want, and he will ALWAYS listen to us, and answer our prayers! God is the only person who is there for you 24/7 who always wants you to come to him and wants to hear about your life, God genuinly loves it when we talk to him, and in order to have a deep growing personal relationship with God we must pray to and talk to our father. it's just like any friendship, the more you talk, and the more you pour out your heart to someone the closer you become.

I get discouraged sometimes when I realize how little I pray, but I'm seeking to read, and study and practice prayer daily and I am praying that God will help my life to be one characterized by constant communication with and dependence on my Savior and Maker the God of the universe!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 pray without ceasing

....I'll continue to write more posts on prayer and I journey through becoming someone who constantly seeks the Lord! Can't wait to watch how God works in my life and see the amazing things he does through my simply, and inadequate prayers.

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