It only happens once a year!

(ignore the bad quality)
I am one very blessed girl! Today is my birthday here's a list of things that made my birthday extra happy! :)

1) i woke up at 12:03 to a birthday text from my big brother!

2) got to spend extra time with God

3) started the morning with a text from my favoritest snaps

4) was greeted at school with a big birthday hug from my sarahbearah

5) opened my locker to find a sweet b-day card

6)tons of birthday texts and wall posts

7) all of my classes were extra short today :P

8) picture day

9) amazing chapel!

10) I got a hug from my sister

11) writing with my favorite pen

12) my mom brought me lunch to school

13) got the bestest balloon

14) only got 1 wrong on my AP U.S chapter

15) got to clean my room

16) family time

17) my marine is home

18) wearing my favorite dress

19) dinner at Unos

20) no math homework

21) it rained ( i love the rain)

God has truly blessed me! I do not deserve it! Today reminded me just how many people love and care for me! I love all of you so much and I have the bestest friends and family! & all the undeserving grace God has poured out on me! God has given me the best birthday present by showing me more of himself. I can't wait to follow God's plan and see what he has in store for me this year! :) Let's get started!

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