God First!

Wow sorry for the lack of posting! But life has been crazzzy!

Anyways I just wanted to start off by saying that God is SO good and he knows just what we need!

In case any of you didn't know spending time with God is the most important thing you can do in a day, and should be your top priority. However, with so many things crammed into our schedule (school, volleyball, drama, youth group etc), it can be hard to keep it a priority and set aside time to read God's word and pray. These past two weeks have been quite a challenge for me in having my devotions, I would get home at 8pm have lots AND lots of homework to do and then by the time I finish it all I'm exhausted & go to bed. Then I get up, get ready and go to school and the cycle continues. But last night was different, I still got home around 8pm and started my homework & I said that I was going to go upstairs and have my devotions once I finished up all my homework, but then at 11pm I was tired and I still had to study for my AP test...I sat there a minute and I realized what was happening I have been putting my school before God and that is not okay. I decided to go spend time with God instead of studying and then I just reviewed a little in the morning. Spending time with God was exactly what I needed that night and it helped me SO much! I had been so stressed out because I hadn't been relying on God. But the story doesn't end there? Do you know what happened? I took my AP US test at school and I ended up getting the SAME grade on it as I did my last test that I spent an hour studying for! Do you realize how awesome that is? God was showing me that he will bless me when I put him above everything else and that he is really ALL that I need! Now I'm not saying to ignore your homework and spend all night reading the bible (although that would be nice). But God should always be put first and is always more important than school. It's something that I still struggle with, but I think it is awesome how God has such perfect timing and knows exactly what we need to be encouraged and reminded of!
Sorry for the long story, but hopefully it encouraged you! :)

hopefully more posts will be coming soon & pictures too!

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