My Father

God is MY father! That fact never ceases to amaze me, and out of all of the many amazing characteristics of God, this is most definitely one of my favorites.
The God of the universe cares for, loves, leads, protects, provides and comforts me! Just stop and think about that for a minute! The one who made the heavens and the earth from dust, cares about a little unimportant person like me! Wow!

As I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep, I was snuggling with my stuffed animal (yes I do still sleep with stuffed animals), and then I began to think about the fact that while I am lying in my bed God my heavenly father is holding me in His arms. He is holding me tight and close to himself and he will NEVER ever let me go! He is wrapping me in his peace and comfort...I laid there in my father's arms talking to my daddy and whispering into His ears the things of my heart. Oh what a comforting and amazing way to fall asleep, being held and comforted by my Heavenly Father as he holds me in his arms and as I pour out my heart to Him.


"You will be safe in his arms
you will be safe in his arms
the hands that hold the world
are holding your heart
when everything is falling apart
you will be safe in his arms"

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