It's all in the name

So last week I decided that I wanted to make a blog to write down stories from my life, random thoughts and mediations, things God has been teaching me and pictures from my adventures...just a place where I could put down and record both the crazy and the simply everyday things of my life...and how God is working through it all. Sounds like a great idea right? well my dilemma was what to name my blog...
I honestly couldn't think of anything...
I didn't just want a cute little name I wanted something that actually had a meaning.
So I thought about my life and words that describe it and I came to the words
Strive--to make strenuous efforts toward any goal, to exhort oneself vigorously

Steadfast-- firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment; unwavering, steadily directed

I thought these two words together were perfect, because for the rest of my life I want to be striving towards becoming more like christ, being steadfast in my faith and trusting God completely in everything, without wavering! I will never stop needing to strive, because here on this earth I will never completely reach my goal...

So that my friends is the story of how this blog got the name: Striving to be Steadfast

So come join me on this adventure of mine where I strive to glorify God in this crazy thing called life!

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