Be still

Ever since I had my concussion last January God has been teaching me the importance of being quiet. Something that I am not very good at. My life is always bursting with school, work, friends, ministry, culture, media and noise!
I'm the girl who never slows down and is always bouncing around from one thing to the next. My mind is perpetually spinning with one thought after another, with a continuous flow of tasks and to-do lists. While I'm awake there is never even a moment of calm in my mind.

But listen to this simple truth that has been speaking deeply to my heart lately.
"Be still and know that I am God."
    -Psalm 46:10

Friends in the busyness of a new week remember that intimacy with God requires stillness, attentiveness and quiet. We have to get off the busy highway of life to grow closer to God! If our mind is constantly full of other things then when will we be able to hear from God and allow him to gently whisper to us and remind us of who he is!

Dear friends be purposeful in your day and week to be calm and quiet before God. I know it's hard and there's a million and one things fighting for our attention, but it is so worth the effort! I am praying God blesses all of you this week with sweet intimate time with him where you get to pause life and simply be still and know that he is God! He wants to breathe life and peace into your stressed, anxious, overwhelmed heart, will you let him?
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