The promises of God 
are as sure as the stars 
they are constant and true
faithful like the dawn

Yet we are quick to doubt 
and prone to forget
when the storms and winds come 
we wonder if God is really there

But just as the stars shine brightest 
on the darkest nights 
God's promises ring loud and true
even through the storms

Some nights are so full of clouds 
that you may not see the stars
but even when the clouds cover them
you know the stars are still there

They are simply hiding behind the clouds 
waiting for the storm to pass 
and when it does they will emerge
and shine even more brightly
reminding you that they are still there 
and haven't changed

This is the same with God's promises
they may be hidden by the storms of life
 but they are true and real
and he is faithful and unchanging 

So even when it's hard to see 
and hard to feel God's hand 
remember to not be blinded by the storm
that's right in front of you 

but instead look past it and see the stars  
and feel his arms wrap around you as he whispers 
Do not fear, for I will never leave you
or forsake you 
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