Life is like a puzzle!

Anyone who does large puzzles knows that you always want to start with the border first. You dig through the box and find all the edges and then quickly put together all the pieces to make the border of the puzzle. This part is always my favorite part, because I get to make the framework for the puzzle and it's also the easiest part to, there are only so many edges and so it's easier to put them together and find the right matches and it goes by a lot quicker then to rest of the puzzle. 

I think life is a lot like that. We love the exciting parts of life the parts that seem productive and fruitful or adventurous or new, like starting a new job, traveling or seeing a ministry blossom. But then we dread and don't appreciate the harder, more mundane parts, the parts where there are a million yellow puzzle pieces that all seem the same, where we have to seek joy even in the midst of the mundane tasks of life like writing papers, studying, and working. The parts of life that seem painful and cruel the pieces that frustrate us so much that we'd rather leave them in the box. But it's in these hard times where we see the most growth. The times where relationships are in shambles, where there is hurt, where circumstances seem to overwhelm us 

 You see a puzzle would look pretty silly if you simply left it with just the frame together and a few random pieces inside it would be empty and would be a broken picture, it wouldn't be able to display it's full beauty and purpose.

That's much like us, without the hard parts of life to refine us, change us and help us to grow we would be like an incomplete picture, we would be lacking the character, wisdom, faith, love and Christ-likeness that is only born through adversity, fighting temptation and learning to trust God. Those times when you're forced to completely rely on God because you are at your wits ends and he's the only one who has power over the situation or you who really truly understands the depths of your pain! Yes it's in these seasons and times where God is gently placing more of the challenging pieces of the puzzle into our lives and oh just wait and see when he is finished what a glorious, beautiful masterpiece it will be! 

So yes, sometimes I'm impatient, and want to rush past the boring parts of life or sometimes I seek comfort and ease and want to fly over the valleys of darkness instead of trudge through the middle of them. But oh it is so worth it to persevere, to blossom and grow and not stay stagnant and I for one do not want to rush the beautiful picture that God is putting together in my life piece by piece! 

My friend be encouraged God is doing wonderful things in your life and heart and making something beautiful out of all the chaos, mess and pain! And for now while the picture is still in progress and still incomplete simply take that step to trust him and rest in his promises and faithfulness! He has never left us and he won't start now!
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