New Year!

I am so excited for this year and the things God is going to do! I began this year by surrendering my life to God, and I pray that this year I am daily surrendering my life more and more to his will. I don't want control over my life, I don't want to my own plans, dreams and desires anymore I'm done trying to live my own life instead I want God to come in and wreck my heart to take all my hopes and dreams and replace them with his beautiful and perfect plan for my life! Because his plan is more wonderful than anything I could ever imagine on my own! 

This year I'm working on fiercely loving others and putting them ahead of myself, I want to fall more in love with my king and savior Jesus Christ every day! I want to keep my eyes on eternity and not the fading jewels of this world! To follow the wisdom of God and not this world! To be okay with the unknown and trusting enough to walk out into the waves with a heart that's confident and trusting instead of fearful! 
So this year I'm not making any New Years resolutions...I'm done trying harder instead I'm letting myself rest in my saviors arms and I'm focusing on my own personal relationship with him seeking him first and everything else in my life will fall into place, he'll bring peace and clarity & comfort and direction and lasting change that's from the heart something that no amount of resolutions or plans can bring. 
So here's to a year of daily falling more in love with Jesus! 

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