Give up on yourself

When you give up on yourself you begin to rely on him. When you are willing to abandon your own little dreams you begin to get excited about his plan. When your way has blown up in your face again you are ready to see the wisdom of God's way 

This is something that I really need to remember, I want to start embracing those moments when I feel like I'm at the end of my rope, and I'm confused, and don't know what to do and I feel like I've done everything that I can and things seem out of my control, to seize them as an opportunity to completely trust and rely on God. To be excited about moments where God has to be the one to move and come through, where I can totally let go of control and realize that he's the one in charge and he has a bigger, more magnificent plan that I could ever imagine. To remember that his way is always better than mine and that even though I might fail, feel hopeless, defeated and want to give up, God is all powerful, never tires and his plans always come through! 

With God there is no better place to be then at the end of myself ...when I am willing to confess how weak I am I am most ready to reach out for the grace that can only be found in Christ

"I'll sing of the wonderful promise
that Jesus has given to me;
'My strength is made perfect in weakness,
My grace is sufficient for thee.'
And lest my poor heart should forget it,
Or ever forgetful should be, 
He still keeps repeating the promise,
My grace is sufficient for thee.

Yes, over and over and over 

My savior keeps saying to me;
My strength is made perfect in weakness,
My grace is sufficient for thee."

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