[Prayer] Part III

While petition exhausts, praise invigorates...praising energizes and renews praying.

Petition-- Sought by request and entreaty

When we make petitions of God we are asking him to do something, to help us, to change or circumstances, to provide something etc. We are focusing on ourselves and our problems. This is why petition exhausts, because life on earth is discouraging and if we are constantly focusing on what we need it will not be an encouragement to us, but rather a discouragement.

Praising-- Offering grateful homage, the act of expressing approval or admiration

When we are praising God we are taking our eyes off our circumstances and instead we are fixing our eyes on God and remembering how great and awesome he is and all that he has already done for us.

Don't let your prayers stop at petition, instead make sure you are also praising God through your prayers, it will invigorate your soul and give you hope and encouragement in even the most difficult circumstances. Reminding yourself of God's character and past faithfulness will increase your faith and joy! It will help you to fix your eyes on the all powerful savior instead of being preoccupied with your weaknesses and troubles.

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