“What if there was a place so safe that the worst of me could be known, and I would discover that I would not be loved less, but more in the telling of it”

There is, with God and other believers

I’m not perfect! Being able to say that and being okay with that and knowing that I’m  not a failure, is something that has taken me a long time to grasp, and honestly something that I’m still working on!

Being able to be free and open and say the hard parts of life brings so much joy and freedom!

If we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus! That’s the whole reason he came
You can be freely open and honest with God and he wraps you in his arms and no matter what you’re going through, what mistakes you’ve made what you’re struggling with you are forgiven by God! You don’t have to pretend to be perfect anymore

It’s really detrimental that a lot of Christians think that they have to be a model Christian , but once you become a Christian your testimony doesn’t end, there’s still sin and brokenness and struggles, but through it all there is the thread of God’s amazing grace, restoration and redemption  

when we hide from authenticity and vulnerability , we take away from one of the biggest gifts, being able to genuinely care for one another, encourage one another and share your heart with others, your deepest struggles and your heartache the things that you feel like you should hide, but you don’t have to anymore!

God gave us the gift of community for a reason and if we’re not being open and honest with others than we’re not taking advantage of the blessing that God has given us!

When you start being open and honest with others not only will that help you with your own self-righteousness and pride, but that will help to allow you to love others more and you will receive more of God’s grace. Opening up your heart and asking for help and forgiveness, you will receive true encouragement, grace and forgiveness.

One of the things that can happen when everyone else is wearing their masks and pretending to be perfect you sit there and you know that you aren’t and you feel like you don’t measure up, but then you look around you and you feel like everyone else has it all together and that they’ve figured out the  Christian thing and that they have a perfect relationship with God and consistent quiet times  & if you look that and look in your own heart and see how much your broken and struggling it makes you feel like you’re all alone and are the only ones that have these problems. & if that’s the case then  I’m not going to share it with anyone, because no one else will understand. So we make ourselves feel lonely and alone in our struggles, because we’re unwilling to take off our masks and share our real lives with others. Instead we’re pretending and settling for having fake lives with each other when we could be having genuine relationships and community with others and being able to spur one another on to righteousness and encourage each other in the gospel.

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