I looked down at my legs the other day and they're not very pretty my legs are full of scars.... But as I started looking at my scars I realized that they each came with stories and memories I looked at my knee and saw a big scar and it reminded me of the states tournament in volleyball how I killed my knee and the band-aid kept falling off cause I was sweating too much haha or the cut on my shin from being a klutz and tripping up stairs... I like my scars because it reminds me of my past and memories that I otherwise might of forgotten... I feel like God does the same thing through the wounds of our hearts, yes he heals us but we still have scars to remind remind us of God's faithfulness, how he never left us and of how he took our brokenness and made us whole and not only are the scars for us to remember but they are also testaments to the world. We don't have everything together, we've been hurt, wounded, gone through pain and struggles but look at how good our God is! He took all of our brokenness and pain and made us whole again! He healed the pain that we thought would never go away, and wrapped us in his healing arms. So next time you look at your scars don't wish them away instead use them as a reminder of all the wonderful things God has done in your life. 

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